Scale-Out route reflector with industry-leading convergence times

Meet the needs of modern, large-scale networks

ArcRR is a purpose-built, high-performance, scale-out route reflector. Based on ArcOS, the resilient, fully programmable, microservices-based network operating system, ArcRR eliminates the full-mesh requirement and allows for building BGP networks that scale easily. It supports multiple form factors (VM, container) and a wide range of deployment options from data center to central office to PoPs, giving network operators greater freedom and flexibility while delivering unparalleled performance

The ArcRR Advantage

ArcRR offers always-on reliability and future-proof scale for long-term growth

Best-in-Class Architecture

ArcRR leverages 64-bit, multi-threaded, multi-process ArcOS implementation to drive market-leading scale and convergence

Carrier Grade

Built-in modularity allows for critical processes to be brought up and down without restarting the OS, improving system uptime

Intelligent Routing

Optimized route policy lookup provides an efficient and high-performance routing engine

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Architectural overview

ArcRR allows operators to build flexible, scale-out networks

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What ArcRR offers your team

ArcRR, an optimized and composable, high-performance route reflector integrates into modern ecosystems while enabling network operators to leverage its streaming telemetry capabilities and standardized APIs for programmatic access

Massive path scale

64-bit architecture eliminates memory limitations by allowing access up to 16 exabytes per process and scales to 100M BGP paths and beyond

Faster convergence

Improves route convergence times by making the best path recalculation locally when there is a BGP path failure

Simplified operations

Improves operational efficiencies and reduces equipment acquisition costs by providing vendor-neutral programmable interface (OpenConfig/YANG)

High availability

Eliminates single point of failure by grouping BGP clients into clusters and linking those clusters via full-mesh or hierarchical peering

Enhanced security

Integrates with our RPKI-based route origin validation (ROV) solution to validate routes received and detect anomalies

Deployment Flexibility

Comes in flexible form factors and can be deployed as VMs (KVM, Virtual Box) or Docker containers

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