Actionable real-time intelligence for your network

A deep-visibility and analytics platform for the digital-first network

ArcIQ is a modern network visibility and analytics platform that provides networking professionals with real-time, deep views of the networks and devices with actionable insights for proactive incident management and faster troubleshooting

The ArcIQ Advantage

ArcIQ offers granular management and monitoring, which includes observing and tracking network health across
data center, cloud, and edge network devices. ArcIQ delivers fully integrated network visibility and analytics to
ensure organizations can deliver the actionable and automated remediation for digital-first network environments

Network-Wide Visibility

ArcIQ platform provides a transition from a network-wide topology view to an individual device view in a seamless manner for proactive incident management

Enhanced Security

Built-in AI/ML capabilities enable organizations to ingest a vast amount of network data and quickly and easily transform it into usable information. It proactively prevents network hijacks, route leaks and provides threat management

Better Resource Utilization

Provides organizations with granular information of the device inventory, configuration, and overall system characteristics. Organizations can utilize this information to accelerate problem resolution and ensure optimized performance

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Overview of our platform architecture

ArcIQ aggregates network data with state information in real-time, enabling network operators to operate the complex network infrastructure with high scale and performance

Gain visibility into your data center with ArcIQ

ArcIQ capabilities

ArcIQ is a hyperscale optimized platform that continuously learns, automates, and secures to
radically simplify network operations in the data center, the edge, and the cloud

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