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Scale beyond the confines of a chassis

VDR, a robust, carrier-grade virtualized distributed router delivers massive scale (up to 7680 ports of 100G), enables seamless connectivity for workloads across on-prem, multi-cloud, and edge environments, offers disruptive economics, and simplifies operations compared to chassis-based solutions

What VDR offers your team

Industry-leading route scale and fast convergence of ArcOS®, the proven, resilient, microservices-based network operating system
Operational simplicity with a single point of control and management
Lower TCO and a pay-as-you-grow model, allowing you to buy only what you need
Deep fabric-wide visibility and predictive analytics powered by ArcIQ®
Deployment flexibility across any place in the network – core, access, edge, metro, aggregation
Standards-based OpenConfig/YANG-model support for easy configuration
Architectural flexibility to support equivalent of Broadcom Jericho2/Ramon-based platforms from multiple ODMs

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